The Tortoise and the Hare
for a New Age

by Brian J. Dooley

Now, my children, listen well,
To this true story of what befell
The tortoise and the hare when they
Began upon a race one day.

The hare was fast, the tortoise slow,
Yet there was a long way to go.
The tortoise knew he'd need to find
Some way to come out from behind.

He saw the hare pull far ahead,
So, yogic bouncing tried instead.
This brought him well into the lead
As he bounced by the hare at speed.

The hare was getting quite annoyed,
So teleportation he employed.
In smallish flashes he nearly flew
To where the tortoise went bouncing through.

And then a stretch of ice they found,
Tortoise sped; hare went around.
The tortoise thought, with any luck,
He'd skim across it like a puck.

He packed into the other end,
And stuck there; hare went round the bend.
Then tortoise chanted for a bit,
And levitated over it.

Meanwhile, the hare, who must not fail,
Engaged bionic cottontail.
It flung him up into the sky,
Yet still the tortoise passed him by.

So he put on his rocket pack,
And soon was leading down the track.
The tortoise meanwhile cast a spell
That toward the front did him impel.

The hare, with road rage, I suppose,
Cold cocked the tortoise on the nose.
A fight broke out between the two;
Shell and pelt and whiskers flew.

We do not know unto this day
Who would have won, but this can say:

"Fast and slow are much the same,
What matters is how you play the game.
Use art or science, or cast a spell,
If you're going to cheat, you had best cheat well!"


Copyright 2001, Brian J. Dooley