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BJ Dooley Technical Information Services (BJDTIS) is a technical writing and research company focusing upon the IT and telecommunications sectors. We are experienced in completing a wide range of projects, from market and technical research to case studies, brochures and manuals. We serve a varied and international clientele.

Our clients include research companies such as Seybold, IDC, Gartner, Faulkner and PriceWaterhouse; publishers, such as TAB books, Heritage Books, Wordware, and IDG Communications; and a diverse range of hardware and software companies.


Brian J. Dooley has been a Senior Technical Writer with Cardinal Professional Services (Aoraki Corp.); and previously with Unisys Corp.and Okidata (US). This involved creating manuals for mainframe database and data communications products, for PC hardware, software and peripherals, as well as for various other products. He has also worked as a Senior Analyst for Datapro Research, creating industry and technical reports, and serving as primary editor and manager of four technical report services. He has a wide range of experience in writing manuals for computer systems and electronics products, and in developing magazine articles and reports. He is currently on the editorial board for Faulkner Technical Reports (US). Current clients include many of the New Zealand computer magazines, a variety of software companies in New Zealand and in the US, and major international research services including IDC, Datapro (Gartner), Faulkner, and Seybold.

Mr. Dooley is founder of the New Zealand chapter of the Society for Technical Communication. He is an independent multimedia developer, and author of six books for the US mass market: "Warriors for the Working Day" (US Civil War), "Learn Windows in a Day," "Desktop Publishing with WordPerfect for Windows," "Learn OS/2 in a Day," "The Complete Guide to Single Engine Cessnas" (with Joe Christy) and "Learn PowerPoint in a Day."

BJ Dooley Technical Information Services combines Mr. Dooley's writing expertise with the talents of a highly skilled pool of local contract workers to provide a service which can be tailored to your requirements.