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Books, Chapters, Manuals

Books (US Market)

The Definitive Analysis of Broadband Wireless Networks: WiMax, WiFi, LTE, and 4G Infrastructure, by Brian J. Dooley, Mind Commerce, September 2011

Learn Microsoft Powerpoint 4.0 for Windows in a Day/With Companion Diskette (Popular Applications Series) by Brian J. Dooley Wordware,  June 1994

The Complete Guide to Single-Engine Cessnas by Joe Christy and Brian J. Dooley, Tab Books, January 1993

Desktop Publishing With Wordperfect for Windows/Book and Disk (Popular Applications) by Brian J. Dooley Wordware,  April 1993

Learn Os/2 2.1 in a Day/Book and Disk (Popular Applications) by Brian J. Dooley Wordware,  June 1993

Learn Windows in a Day for Versions 3.0 and 3.1 (Popular Applications Series) by Brian J. Dooley,  Wordware,  May 1992

Warriors for the Working Day: A Narrative Built of Letters from the Civil War by Brian J. Dooley, Heritage Books,  September 1991

Book Chapters

The Truth About Cloud Computing: Adoption Strategies, Security, and Reliability; Chapter 12: A Cloud in the Data Center and Services from the Cloud;Cutter Consortium, July 2009

Innovations in Business Process Thinking; Chapter 5: Business Modeling and Analytics; Cutter Information LLC; December 2007

Open Source: Moving into the Enterprise; Chapter 6: Open Source and the Cathedral; Cutter Information LLC; 2003

The Organizational Benefits of Green IT, Chapter 9: Green Requirements for IT and Telecom, Cutter Consortium, September 2008

Technology Forecast: 2001-2003; Telecommunications Services chapter; PricewaterhouseCoopers; April, 2001

Communicating in a Hurry (Cellphones);Wilson & Horton Publications; 1998

History of Computing; Wilson & Horton Publications; 1997

Office Applications; IDG Special Projects; 1996

Computing for Kids, (Family and School Chapters); IDG Special Projects; 1996

Setting Up a Home Office (Telecom, Computer, Mobile and GSM vs AMPS chapters); IDG Special Projects; 1996

Mobile PC (Mobile PC Options chapter); IDG Special Projects; 1996

PC Novice Book (Chapters 2 & 4); IDG Special Projects; 1995 

Manuals (BJDTIS only)

by BJ Dooley

Xlerate Dispatchers Manual; Xlerate Technologies; 2008

Esphion N1000 Introductory Manual; Esphion Limited; 2002

ACS Cemetery Module Manual; (ACS) 1998

Fleet Status Manual; Tait Electronics; 1996

by BJDTIS Staff (BJ Dooley, Manager)

Prison Operations Manual; NZ Dept. of Corrections; 2006

Mooring Systems QS40 Manual; Mooring Systems Limited; 2004

Manual for SportCalc Cyclist Program; SportCalc Software; 2002

ACS Building Module Manual; (ACS); 2000

ACS Electronic Banking Module Manual; (ACS); 2000

ACS Accounts Payable Manual; (ACS); 2000

ACS Water Billing Manual; (ACS); 2000

ANSO Preview Manual; ANSO Systems Limited;1999

ACS Accounts Receivable Manual; (ACS);1999

ACS Receipting Module Manual; (ACS);1999

ACS Resource Mgmt  Module Manual; (ACS);1999

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