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Introducing BJ Dooley Technical Information Services

BJ Dooley Technical Information Services combines Mr. Dooley's research, analytic and writing expertise with the talents of a highly skilled pool of local contract workers to provide a service which can be tailored to your requirements.

Technical, industry and market research...

We are experts in researching technologies, technology markets and industry competition. Specialties include  Internet technologies, Telecommunications, Open Source Software, Collaboration, Business Intelligence, and Cloud Computing.

Our clients include some of the best known names in the research community, such as Cutter Consortium, IDC, Gartner and Seybold. We can also undertake special projects for companies, such as sizing up the competition, finding marketing strengths against competing products, and developing a picture of the current market.

Our research capabilities include online investigations, library research, telephone interviews and site visits. We are experienced in dealing with financial reports and have a strong background in statistics.


We can provide telephone consulting, presentations, and custom reports on a diverse range of topic areas in business and Information Technology, including Open Source software, Enterprise Risk Management, and Cloud Computing. Clients include educational and financial institutions, including school systems in the USA and banks in Switzerland.

White papers...

We  can provide white papers, discussion papers, ROI studies, product usage analysis, and reports geared to help you to sell your products. We can develop papers at any level of technical detail, focused upon the needs of the decision makers whom you need to reach.

Magazine features, press releases, newsletters, public relations...

 In addition to technical manuals,we can undertake a range of general business writing and editing tasks. We have agency experience and a top-notch track record.  Our local staff are always ready to help.

We can create and edit:

      • Press releases, with media placement
  • Newsletters and brochures
  • Procedural manuals and specifications
  • Magazine articles and reports

Award winning manuals for any product...

A good manual improves your company's image and helps your product to sell. Users learn how to operate your product correctly, and this reduces your support costs. Whether your product is computer hardware or software, consumer electronics or testing equipment, a good manual builds users confidence. In today's competitive business environment, you can't afford to provide your customers with anything less.

Manual development includes the following services:
  • Manuals written to your needs, based on product specifications and interviews with your engineers
  • One stop production, from design to printing
  • Training and development for your internal manual production capability
  • Writing for any level, from novice to advanced
  • Coordinated marketing materials, brochures, and public relations articles

Online documents and multimedia...

We have created everything from multilevel Help systems and presentations up to a complete multimedia entertainment production on Pirates of the Caribbean!

Online and multimedia development includes the following services:
  • Manuals and Help systems written to your needs based on product specifications and interviews with your engineers
  • One stop production, from design through to delivery and testing of the online system
  • Coordinated marketing materials, brochures and public relations articles

Custom research and writing projects...

If you are a publisher or an editor, we are available for freelance and contract writing opportunities. Brian J. Dooley has written over 1,000 magazine articles, and six books for the mass market (four on computers, one on airplanes, and one on the US Civil War).

We have also contributed chapters to a number of books on information technology and communications.

We can work on short deadline, and have extensive journalistic and research experience. Subjects include industry and management analysis, technology reports and tutorials.


We can develop documents at our office, or we can provide contract employees to work with your engineers at your facility (you provide the equipment and software). In either case, we offer a complete approval cycle so that you can determine how the work is progressing.

All work is completed to the highest international quality standards.