Analytics of Where You Are: The Video

Location Analytics continues to grow in importance as technologies such as machine learning and mobile sensing converge and new use cases are discovered. Advertising, ecommerce, and performance management uses have been proliferating, and they are now being joined by security, location-based restriction, and an increasing range of possibilities in robotics and the IoT.

Location analytics is important, whether it is on the macro geolocation level or at the micro internal level of process control. As with robotics, there are some great visual stories that encapsulate the possibilities; but they exist in a cloud of Powerpoints. Understanding the importance of location is a decidedly visual thing.

We’ve assembled a set of four videos intended as advertising that provide a good visual exploration of the subject. As with some of the finer robotics issues, you really have to see it to believe it! Compelling video helps you to visually identify concepts and place them in a context of everyday life.

Note that we are not endorsing these companies or their methods; we just like their videos! Feel free to comment or suggest analytics videos that make a compelling case or provide an appealing representation of the technology.

Proximus Analytics


SweetIQ Analytics

ESRI Location Analytics

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