Digital Transformation at the World Economic Forum: The Video

Digital Transformation and the convergence of digital technologies will become increasingly critical in the years to come, and it is important to understand what this means for people and industries–and how it is likely to impact you, both on the job and at home. It is an essential part of planning for business and government, and dominates business reorganization conversations.

Digital Transformation is also a very broad area, with enormous implications worldwide, and innumerable nuances both in understanding and in implementation. A video summation is a good way to focus on implications that might not have been considered, and the World Economic Forum (WEF) has recently delivered a set of interesting examples.

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The WEF has been following the impact of Digital Transformation for some years now, and has interesting insights from its global developmental perspective. The main video and animation series are excellent guides to where this stands in early 2017.

All of the following videos were released under the standard YouTube license.

Digital Transformation Initiative (Digital Transformation of Industries)

Uploaded on Jan 15, 2017

The World Economic Forum (WEF) launched its Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) in 2015. The initiative offers insights into the impact of digital technologies on business and wider society over the next decade. DTI research supports collaboration between the public and private sectors focused on ensuring that digitalization unlocks new levels of prosperity for both industry and society.

Following is the launch video from the WEF site.

The WEF “Challenges of Digital Transformation” Animation Series

A series of explanatory animations based upon WEF scripts was produced in support of the initiative, by Mair Perkins and released in January 2017.

According to Perkins:

“Between November 2016 and January 2017 I worked on a series of animations for the World Economic Forum. The animations showcase some of the WEF’s research into the challenges of the digital transformation. It’s full of interesting facts about technology and predictions for the future.”

Research and script writing by the World Economic Forum;
Art Direction and storyboard design by Mair Perkins;
Illustration by Mair Perkins;
Animation by Mair Perkins, Sam Glyn Davies, Jack Pearson and Adam Horsepool;
Music and sound design by Ben Haynes.

Ep 1 of The Challenges of Digital Transformation – Animation for the World Economic Forum

Ep 2 – How Can Businesses Stay Ahead of Digital Disruption – Animation for the World Economic Forum

Ep 3: A Robot Will Take Your Job – Animation for the World Economic Forum

Ep 4 – Ensuring Digital Transformation Benefits Everyone – Animation for the World Economic Forum


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