They’re Here! Five Humanoids of Today

Robotics and AI have been developing rapidly, and we are beginning to see capacities that have been worked on for decades begin to bear fruit. Bringing everything together for a fully humanoid machine is still some years away, but recent progress is stunning. It is clear that we need to prepare the way for intelligent machines. As usual with advancing technology, science fiction provides some guidance–Asimov’s laws of robotics being seminal in this area. But there will be repercussions in law, regulation, economics, lifestyle and social interaction.

For the moment, progress demonstrates how concepts evolve under a relentless international cooperative effort. As humans, we want humanoids as much as we wanted photographs and video. It is part of our effort to understand humanity. Yes, someday they might even also be useful!

Here are five recent humanoids from around the globe, in current videos. A few are popular, a few have not often been viewed. But they’re all from this year, and represent different aspects of development from around the world. Everyone likes a good robot video, right?



Asimo (2016)